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LS Translations is the translation agency of Schoo & Van Rossum.

As a sworn translator Hans Schoo has many years of experience in the translation industry. He paid for his English studies as a freelance translator and was appointed senior translator/reviser with the Amsterdam branch office of an international translation company after his graduation. He was promoted to general manager, but after a couple of years decided that it was time for a career move and started his own translation agency, specializing in software localization, together with a number of like-minded colleagues. After five successful years the company couldn’t cope with a sudden industry recession in the nineties and closed shop. Schoo then returned to his previous freelance existence, offering translation services as The Language Shop together with Saskia, his partner in business and in life.

Saskia van Rossum is part-time Office Manager with GGZ-InGeest (Mental Healthcare Association) and Facilities Manager for the Language Shop.  


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